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Car Care Items

Make you car shine!
Check out our normal low prices on Lexol, Hide Food, Harly, Der Real Stuff and Autosol.
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      Lexol Products

LEXOL Leather Cleaner 16oz Spray

LEXOL Leather Conditioner 16oz Spray
    LEXOL VINYLEX Cleaner & Conditioner 16oz Spray $10.95  

 Autosol is a Germany company with over 70 years experience in making top quality car care products. Used by BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi and Volkswagon at there factories in Germany and supplies many products to BMW under there own name to be sold in dealerships around the world. Below are just a few of the items that they make and we recommed and use on our own cars.

Autosol Metal Polish

The Best German Metal polish around. cleans, polishes and protects in one easy step. Leaves a brillant glossy finish. Wonderful on chrome, brass and almost all other metals. 75ml tube


Autosol Clay Cleaning Kit

Quickly & easily removes bonded contaminents from paint. Lifts pollutants, tree sap, hard water spots, paint overspray, door ding marks, insects and industrial fallout. Does so without scratching or removing paint. Safe for all paint,glass chrome and fiberglass. Kit includes 100 gram clay cleaning bar, 250ml clay lubricant and instant detailer and 100ml trial size Poly glaze


Autosol Cockpit Spray

A dust repllant cleaner and plastic care item for quickly freshening up worn and brittle plastic parts in your cars interior like roof and instrument panels etc. Leave a pleasent peach scent. 300ml aersol can


Autosol Leather Care

Deep conditioning creme for all smooth leathers. Has a antistatic effect and provides lasting protection against brittleness and abrasion. Gives worn materials a new supleness. 250ml bottle.


Autosol Plastic Care (Dark)

A dark drying dispersion glaze for all exterior plastic vehicle parts like bumpers, spoilers and side strips. Forms a resistant film to protact parts against weathering. darkens up grey and weathered plastic items. 250ml bottle


Autosol Car Shampoo

A special liquid cleaner which is free from the harmful affects of household cleaners. Gental cleaning for both the inside and the outside of your car. Biodegradable with conditioning imgrediants. Leaves a frresh citrus scent . 500ml bottle goes a long time

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Autosol Interior / Exterior
Plastic Care

A high quality silicone based product - Gives a long lasting , protective satin shine. 200ml

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Autosol Plastic Cleaner

A cleaning emulsion for all plastic parts and painted surfaces. Protects against brittleness and graying, and gives aged surfaces a silky matt shine without film formation. 75ml Tube


  Conneley Hide food

Connolly Hide Food

Known for BMW, Jaguar and Rolls Royce leather care. LEXOL Cleaner, Treatment, and Vinylex also in stock.



Known for 30+ Years for Classic Car Shows and the great protection
it provides to all types of car finishes.

Harly Wax

Size Reg.  QTY.
Harly Pure Carnuba
Paste Wax
14oz $12.50


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