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Split Second is a start-up company specializing in automotive electronics. Although the company is new, the founders have a combined experience of over 40 years in engine building, tuning, fabrication, electronic fuel injection and electronic instrumentation. With this background, Split Second is rapidly developing a line of precision instruments for automotive monitoring and control. The Split Second product line offers a variety of functions that are focused on a single end result. That is to extract optimum performance from internal combustion engines. The initial product offerings include the ARM1 Air/fuel Ratio Meter which can be used as a monitoring tool to insure that an engine is tuned for the desired fuel mixture. At the core of the Split Second product offering are the ARC1 and ARC2 Air/fuel Ratio Calibrators. These precision instruments provide a means to accurately adjust an engine's Air/fuel Ratio over its entire load range. They are used along with the ARM1 to form a complete monitor and control system that gives a driver the ability to make real-time adjustment of fuel mixture. The ARC Calibrators provide a way to optimize modified engines for peak performance. The ARC1 is primarily intended for MAF and MAP based engine management systems. The ARC2 allows a MAF or MAP sensor to be fitted to an engine designed for a vane type airflow meter and will be ready for ship in a few weeks.

 The ARM1 (Air/fuel Ratio Meter) is a precision, miniature instrument that provides an easy to read, real time indication of the air/fuel ratio of an internal combustion engine. It features a brilliant, 5-color display that is automatically dimmed for night viewing. It is an ideal monitoring tool for calibrating engine air/fuel ratio or making adjustments while driving.
ARM1 - Air/fuel Ratio Meter

 $119.50 Qty
ARM1 Kit (Includes ARM1, EGO1, EGO1 nut)

 $190.00 Qty

 ARC1 air/fuel calibrator

(Click on the graphic for the ARC1 data sheet)
The ARC1 (Air/Fuel Ratio Calibrator) provides precise adjustment of air/fuel ratio over the entire operating range of an internal combustion engine. It is especially useful for re-calibration of modified engines that have ECU (Engine Control Units) designed for MAP or MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensors. The ARC1 features low and high load adjustments and provides a means to adjust air/fuel ratio for desired performance while driving.
ARC1 - Air Fuel ratio Calibrator (does not include MAP or MAF sensor.)

$295.00 Qty

 EGO1The EGO1 features an internal heater which assures accurate readings soon after engine start. EGO1 also features a signal ground which provides accurate readings through the driving cycle.

 The EGO1 (Exhaust Gas Oxygen) sensor is a four-wire sensor that provides a very accurate output voltage which is directly correlated with air/fuel ratio. It is an ideal sensor for use with the ARM1 (Air/Fuel Ratio Meter).


 EGO1 Oxygen Sensor

$70.00  Qty

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