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Cool Collar and Compact Cooler
Keep your engine running cooler

Update: Manufacturer has currently ceased production.
Check this page for any updates.

 Turn your oil filter into an oil cooler with

Click Here to see test Data

  The patented, aluminum, finned cooler slides onto your existing oil filter, increasing the surface area times 4.

Easy installation, just slip it on and clamp it down. Lab test have shown a 10% reduction in oil temperature using cool collar. #CC0007 Fits oil filters 3 5/8 " to 4 " in diameter.
Only $29.50
Large Cool Collar Not Available
at this time

#CC0013 fit oil filters 3.25" to 3.50" in diameter Small Cool Collar Not Available
at this time

Only $29.50

 Compact Cooler for Porsches
911,930 owners, cure your overheating concerns with the compact oil cooler. Installed during an oil change, it takes only a few minuets and uses existing oil lines and fittings.

The free flowing oil cooler is 13 inches long {MDL.# CPT-0911} and 3 inches in diameter and has over 500 sq. Inches of surface area to insure fast and efficient heat transfer. The all aluminum cooler is tested to 3000 PSI and is bulletproof.

Need that extra margin of safety? Get the compact cooler and worry no more. Road and bench tests have shown a 15 degree reduction in oil temperature using the compact cooler. Due to differences in cars and driving conditions your results may vary.
MODEL# CPT0911 fits 911 1973-1989 &
930 1976-1977
Only $225.00

MODEL#CPT0930 Fits 930 1978-1989
Only $225.00


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