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These fine shocks are original equipment on many of the best cars built in Europe today. A great ride at a reasonable price, and known for quality. The BOGE TURBO GAS shocks (numbers ending in F) are particularly recommended. They are good!

Prices are for each shock or strut insert

PORSCHE YEAR Position Part Number Qty PRICE
356 58-65 Front 32-317-2 $67.50
Rear 32-318-2 $67.50

Originally equipped with Boge Shocks
(Black or Dark Blue Strut Housing)
65-68 Front 32-949-5* $119.50
Rear 32-945-5 $119.50
69-71 Front 32-949-5 $119.50
Rear 32-945-5 $119.50
72-85 Front 32-388-F $115.50
Rear 32-250-F $119.50
86-89 Front 32-336-F $119.50
Rear 32-250-F $119.50
914,914/6 70-76 Front 32-057-5 $119.50
Rear 32-054-5 $119.50
924,944 771/2 -84 Front 27-891-F $106.50
Rear 27-101-F $106.50
944,944 turbo,s
(except sport suspension or Sealed Strut)
1/85-86 Front 27-891-F $106.50
Rear 27-153-F $106.50
87-89 Front

Rear 27-153-F $106.50
928 77-85 Front 32-365-1 $129.50
Rear 32-366-1
* Original 1965 to 1968 boge strut inserts are discontinued. This number is the 1969 model, which will fit and work great but needs a 3/16" washer to stop rattle.
BOGE part numbers ending in 0, 1, or 2 are stock replacement shocks for the application. They return your stock ride, and come with a 2 yr. warranty.
BOGE part numbers ending in 5 are BOGE TURBO replacements for your car. These are oil shocks that are slightly firmer than stock without sacrificing the ride of the car. They carry a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.
BOGE part numbers ending in F are BOGE TURBO GAS, and give the best all-around ride and handling in the BOGE line. They also come with a lifetime warranty, and are original equipment on many later model European cars. We have listed these preferred BOGE TURBO GAS shocks in all applications for which they are available.


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