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Free Flow High Performance Air Filter System

We are currently out of both the 4030 and 4031 air filter kits. Watch this page for updates.

This quality intake system replaces the stock airbox, (where your air cleaner is housed) and allows the engine to breathe easier for added performance and horsepower. Maintenance costs are reduced because the K & N filter is washable and reuseable with the K & N filter recharging kit and come with a 1,000,000 mile warranty. Most cars see a 3 - 5% increase in power from this system alone.

Our complete kits make installation easy; all hoses,clamps, mounting
brackets and instructions are included. Aircraft grade aluminum or black metal is standard. Manufactured by Kirban, an experienced fabricator. Its a great way to improve the performance of your car.

Note: Only the four kits shown on the list are available. Kirban has licensed out manufacturing of the balance of their BMW kits to BAS in New Hampshire. Please contact them for price and availability of kits for other models.

All hardware and filter included easy to install.
BMW Year Part #

325e 1984-85 4030

Not in Stock

325,e,i 1986-91 4031

Not in Stock

528e 1982-85 4030

Not in Stock

528e 1986-88 4031

Not in Stock

Ordering Tip
Enter the number of kits you would like into the box along side that part then click on the "Add my selections to the cart" button at the bottom of the page


Minor drilling is required on the 635 models
M3 (E36)
Read about this kit below
1995 4066


325i,is (E36)
Read about this kit below
1992-95 4066


328i ,M3 3.2L (E36)
Read about this kit below
1996-97 4066


#4066 This upgraded system is designed to shield the air filter from under-the hood heat. It is a formed housing that meets up flush to the hood when the hood is shut. This system works on all E36, 6 cylinder models including the M3. It's made of black gelcoat fiberglass and is specifically designed to block engine heat from the air filter. The system is complete with a 9" K&N filter, all needed hardware, and complete instructions. The same style clamps are included that BMW uses under the hood. Having a removable plug in the back of the housing lets one unit work on the 1992-95 E36 models, as well as the 1996-99 E36 versions. (Early models had an air temperature sensor attached to the factory air box).
No holes get drilled in the car to install this system. Power gains can be felt, since the filter is getting constant cooler air.

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