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 Deves Rings

Deves rings are made from the finest Swedish steel, with a composition designed for high heat transfer, low wear, and high flexibility. Being more flexible than cast iron, they seat better, even in worn cylinders. Time between rebores is considerably extended without increased oil or fuel consumption. Break-in periods are shorter, and Deves rings really last - two to three times the life of ordinary cast iron rings. These fine rings have been manufactured
in the U.S. since 1976, using the same Swedish machinery, patents, and metalurgical know-how that have made the Deves name famous for over forty years. We not only sell them; we use and recommend them highly.

 BMW  Bore/Type  Ring Set  Price
 1500  82mm  D1818

 1600,1800  84mm bore/2mm top ring

 1600,1800  1.75mm top ring/84mm bore

 2000,  2000CS,  2002, 320i
 1.75mm top ring/89mm bore
 D1901  $62.95


  2.0mm top ring/89mm bore
 D1857  $56.50

2500, 2800  86mm bore  D1887  $89.50

528i  86mm bore  D1887  $89.50

 3.0, Bavaria,  530i, 630  533, 633,733   thru
89mm bore D1926  $108.50

 528e,325e   thru 2/87  84mm bore  D2163  $97.50

 528e,325,525  3/87-90  84mm bore  D2297  $132.00

 320/6, 323i  77 on    D2179  $87.50

3.5L engines  78-84  Please call with ring thickness    
535,635,735  85 on US  Models    D2215  $197.50

M3 87 on    D2298  $138.50

M5,M6 83 on    D2256  $228.50


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