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Castrol DOT 4 Brake Fluid
Castrol fluid

DOT 4 brake fluid is the minimum standard that is required in all European cars and trucks. If you use a product that only meets DOT 3 specs, then in time you will slowly ruin the rubber seals in the brake system and need to do some extensive repairs.Castrol LMA fluid is known for its low moisture attraction.
 12oz Castrol LMA DOT 4  $3.50  Quantity
 32oz Castrol LMA DOT 4  $8.50  Quantity

Silicone Brake Fluid

Silicone DOT5 brake fluid is the best brake fluid that you can use in your automobile. This fluid was originally developed for racing because of its much higher boiling temperature as well as not being hygroscopic ( it doesn't absorb moisture out of the air) . Silicone brake fluid creates a firmer pedal feel and is compatible with all types of braking systems.

 12oz Silicone Fluid $8.95


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DOT 4 ATE Super Blue Brake Fluid
 ATE Super Blue

 High performance German brake fluid for handling the demands of motor racing or every day driving. More reliable performance and longer wear for your brake system meets the requirements of DOT 3 &4. Blue in color, great when bleeding - easy to see the difference between types of fluids. Used by many raceing teams because of its high boiling point
 1 Liter Can ATE Super Blue $14.50


DOT 4 ATE Type 200 Brake Fluid

 Same great fluid as the ATE blue above but has a golden color to help in bleeding. (See the color difference)
 1 Liter Can ATE Type 200 $14.50


Power Brake Bleeder
Now you can bleed hydraulic braking and clutch systems like the pros with a Motive Products POWER BLEEDER. The POWER BLEEDER operates just like the professional mechanics' tool -- at a fraction of the cost. Easy one-person operation means you won't need to ask a helper to pump the pedal while you open and close the bleed valves. Can be used on most European cars.
     $49.50 Quantity
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