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Repair Manuals

We have available most every manual in print for BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes Benz, along with microfische. Please email us with your wishes...we're happy to obtain the books you need!

BMW 3 Series (E46) Service Manual 1999-2005

by Bentley Publishers

Softcover, 8 3/8 in. by 11 in,1144 pages ,Over 1700 photos, illustrations and diagrams, Bentley Stock Number: B305 Only $99.50

Models and engines covered:

1999 - 2000

323i/Ci (M52TU ­ 2.5L engine)

328i/Ci (M52TU ­ 2.8L engine)

2001 on (including all wheel drive)

325i/Ci/xi (M54 ­ 2.5L engine)

330i/Ci/xi (M54 ­ 3.0L engine)


* Maintenance procedures for everything from brake fluid changes to interpreting the Check Engine indicator light. This manual tells you what to do and how and when to do it.

* Engine and cylinder head service, repair and reconditioning, including camshaft timing chain setup and adjustment.

* Information for specific driveability problems, including explanation of engine management systems and OBD II (On-Board Diagnostics II).

* Theory of operation and repair information for the resonance/turbulence intake system, VANOS (Variable Camshaft Timing) and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC).

* Drivetrain maintenance, troubleshooting, adjustment and repair, including hydraulic clutch, gearshift linkage, driveshaft and all wheel drive system.

* Heating and air conditioning repair, including A/C component replacement.

* Body adjustments and repairs, including convertible top and tailgate replacement and adjustment.

* Wiring schematics for all circuits, including power distribution, grounds, and component location illustrations and photos.

 Suggested List $119.50  OUR PRICE $99.50  Order Qty (B305)

 Bentley 7 series 1988-94
Repair Manual

In stock and ready to ship

 Covers all 1988-94 735i, 735iL, 740i, 740iL, 750iL

Engine Service , Repair and Reconditioning. Including valve adjustment (M30 engine) and camshaft timing chain set up for the V8 & V12 engines Information on specific driveability problems for DME 1.2 (Early & Late) DME 1.3,1.7 &3.3 engine management systems. On Board Diagnostics and Electronic throttle control.
 Suspension and Brake system Maintenance, troubleshooting, adjustment and repair, including ABS and traction control ASC / ASC+T, Self levelking suspension and electronic damping control Automatic Heating and Air Conditioning repair including Air conditioning component replacement. Body Adjustments and repairs
Wire Schematics for all circuits including power distribution, ground circuits and an expanded electrical component location section. Comprehensive factory tolerances, wear limits , adjustments and torques that you have conme to expect from the Bentley repair manuals Maintenance procedures for everything from brake fluid changes to resetting the service indicator. This manual tells you what to do and how to do it

A very comprehensive book. 8 1/2 X 11' and almost 1000 pages of detailed information, pictures, diagrams and schematics. Suggested List $119.00

(#B794) Our Price $99.50 Qty


This shop manual is now avalable to our customers at $17.50 a copy. This is a long-awaited book, since there is no other that covers the E-36 cars as well. The manual is based on a complete teardown and rebuild, a normal Haynes procedure.

318i, is 1992-95

318i conv. 1992-95
318ti 1995
325i, is, ic 1992-95
328i, is, ic 1996 & 97

E36 Haynes, 1992­1997 · .$17.50

 Haynes E36 Manual

Here are other Haynes repar books that we carry
Haynes Repair Manuals
Great books to work on your car.
 BMW 1600,2002 ,Tii 1967-76  Quanity
 BMW 320i 1977-83  Quanity
 BMW 530i,528i 1975-81

 Sorry, Haynes stopped printing this manual at this time
 BMW 3 Series
BMW 5 Series

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 Porsche 911 1965-89  Quanity
 Porsche 914 1970-76  Quanity
 Porsche 924 1976-82  Quanity
 Porsche 944 1983-89  Quanity
 Audi 4000 1980-87  Quanity
 Audi 5000 1977-83  Quanity
 Audi 5000 1984-88  Quanity
 Mercedes 123 Series Diesel 1976-85  Quanity
 Mercedes 123 Series Gas 1977-81  Quanity
 Mercedes 190 Series Gas 4 cyl 1984-88  Quanity
 Mercedes230,250,280 1968-72  Quanity
 Mercedes 350,450 1971-80  Quanity
 Haynes Detailing  All Years  Quanity
 Haynes Electrical  All Years  Quanity
All manuals that Hayes make we can get, within a day or two. Write us and we will see if one is availanle for your car.

Bentley 3 Series 1992-98

Front Cover

Back Cover
The BMW 3 Series (E36 ) . We have them in stock and ready to send out. The manual covers 1992-98 318, 313, 325. 328 & M3. A very comprehensive manual for repairs and service. You will appreciate the quality of the photos, illustrations and the straight foward way in which they tell you about the workings of the car. Complete from front to rear with over 750 pages of information and more then 950 pictures and illustrations. Soft cover 8.5" X 11".A very complete manual . Weighs almost 5 lbs.
 # B398 Suggested Retail $69.95 Our Price $64.50 Quanity

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Robert Bentley Service Manuals

 Bentley Service Books

These must-have books cover engine management systems, Bosch L-Jetronic, Motronic (325e, s), Motronic 1.1 (325i, is, ic), wiring schematics, rebuilding and technical tips, hard-to-find information, and much more. Large and complete.

(Does not cover 318is, 325ix, or M3)

3 SERIES, 1984­1990 · 318i, 325, 325e,325es, 325is, 325i , ic
$42.50 Quantity

 5 SERIES, 1982­1988 ·528e, 533i, 535i, 535is
$54.50 Quantity

Bentley 5 Series Manual   


This book, weighing on at almost 3 1/2 pounds, is packed with 672 pages and 926 photos, illustrations and diagrams providing the highest level of clarity and completeness for all service and repair procedures. If you're looking for a better understanding of your BMW, look no further than Bentley.

 5 SERIES, 1989­1995 · 525i, 530, 535i, 540i including Touring
$68.50 Quantity #B595


NEW - Bentley Z3 Repair manual
This new Bentley manual is the only comprehensive, single source of service information and specifications available for the Z3 roadster. The do-it-yourself BMW owner will find this manual , indispensable as a detailed source of repair information - any owner will benefit from reading and referring to it when planning maintenance and repairs.

· Covers both 4 cylinder M44 and 6 cylinder M52 engines, including dual camshaft timing chain setup and adjustment, including VANOS variable valve timing on 6 cyl cars.

· Information on specific driveability problems, and explanation of OBDII (On-Board Diagnostics II) and engine management systems.

· Heating, AC component replacement, body adjustments and repair, transmission main tenance, driveline details, and complete wiring diagrams including component location.

· Comprehensive BMW factory tolerances, wear limits, adjustments, and torques listed, along with many helpful illustrations and instructions.

All the detail and quality information you expect from Bentley.

Z3 1996-02 4 & 6 Cylinder
$99.50  Quanity #BZ02

 Porsche 911 SC Service Manual:



Coupe, Targa and Cabriolet

Bentley Publishers

Softcover, 8 3/8 in. by 11 in.
672 pages and over
1100 photographs, illustrations, and diagrams

Bentley Stock Number: P983
$99.50  Quanity

 911 Carrera Service Manual






Coupe, Targa and Cabriolet

by Bentley Publishers

Softcover, 8 3/8 in. by 11 in.
758 pages with over
1200 photographs, illustrations, and diagrams

Bentley Stock Number: P989
$99.50  Quanity


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