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Protect your car from sun, dust and water

Any car parked outdoors for even a few hours a day needs the protection of a good car cover. Most areas have just plain dirty air loaded with dust, industrial fallout, and road grime kicked up by passing traffic. It all settles in the cracks and crevices, attracts moisture, and starts rotting your paint, trim and rubber. Then there's also the problem of tree and bird droppings.

Besides protecting your car from dirt, a good car cover will shield it from it's #1 enemy : the SUN.

Sun and heat bleaches everything, fades and dulls paint, and cracks vinyl. Carpeting, thread, trim, and upholstery literally "sun rot".

We are featuring our All-Weather Silver covers, which are very durable, besides being dust and waterproof. They are silver urethane coated polyester fabric for breathability, are Factory Authorized by Ford and Porsche, and are sold by their dealers.

All featured covers are custom made for your car, and most BMWs & Porsches fall into the medium or large categories. (X-Large is Cadillac size)
Please specify year make and model of car when ordering

We try to stock many covers but for any that we are out of stock on please allow one extra week for the manufacturer to make it up for you

 MED.  Price $137.50  Qty
 LARGE  Price $152.50  Qty
 X-LARGE  Price $164.50  Qty

 We try to stock the most popular models of BMW and Porsche covers. If we are out of stock or you have other request please allow three weeks for the manufacturer to make your custom fit cover.

 To order online- enter the number requested into the box alongside the part, then go to the bottom of this page and click on
"Add my selections to the cart"

Prices are subject to change. We try to keep changes to a minimum and try to update the web site as soon as we can but if the price has changed we will notify you via email of these changes before we ship your order out

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