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We specialize in the "nuts and bolts" parts that we all need to keep a car running right like tune-up, suspension, electrical, engine, driveline and brake parts. We carry popular accessories like car covers, floor mats, Dinan performance chips, halogen lighting, sport springs, sway bars, repair books, and much, much more. While we may be new to you, we are not new to BMW's. We've been around 23years in our retail store. We're not running a mail-order operation out of our basement or garage, like others you'll find on the net or advertising in the club magazines. We only sell only quality parts and accessories; most of our competition sells solely on price, with little regard to durability or safety. We service many independent BMW and Porsche garages with parts...professionals who know how expensive using inferior parts can be. They don't want to do the job twice, and neither do you. These are the same parts we put in our own BMW's. We are real do-it yourselfer's and have a flock of BMW's in the family. We know the problems and many of the answers. We not only strive to get you the right parts but to get them to you quickly and without hassle. We invite your comparison. Inferior parts cost less and like anything else, you get what you pay for. Our reputation is built on providing quality parts, at a reasonable price, backed by our service and knowledge. We can compete strictly on price like the others, but frankly, we wouldn't put $19.95 brake pads on our family's cars, and we hope you wouldn't either. Call us with your questions. Our catalog lists many, but not all, of the items available. We also offer specials available to our Net customers.

Another benefit to you is our Orange County, California location, just minutes away from dozens of our suppliers. We have, or can get most parts for same day or next-day shipment. And yes, we are happy to help out with special orders of strange parts!

We have a HUGE collection of used parts available for BMW Bavarias and 5 series cars.
Write Jim at
 Jim @ mesaperformance.com  regarding these items. 

We do keep a mail list of peoples email addresses for specials and other announcements but this list is for Mesa Performance Only!. We do not sell or rent out our list to anybody. Your privacy is important to us and any information that you supply us is kept in strick confidence and never released outside the confines of our business

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